The House of Assemblage 

Art Walk

On the first Friday of every month, we participate in the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk. 

They tried to tell me ... but I didn't believe them.   They said they were Time Travelers, and well ... who would believe that?  But then when I needed Sheets of Balsa they came through.  Like Magicians, they are!

Leon Delegrange

I always believed them!   You see, as a Sculptor I can sense movement through time.  And these people are Time Travelers!

Teresa Peltier
First Woman to Fly a Self Propelled Airplane

About Us

What do we want you to know about us?   Well, that's the whole point of this website and store ... we've embedded our story into all of the models ...  cleverly of course.  Hidden to most; but,  the discerning and dedicated will indeed be rewarded ... because this entire site is itself an act of Assemblage


MODELMANIAaka Bargains Galore see My Mother started the business in La Habra in 1978 as a Thrift Shop..  She called it Bargains Galore.   At about the same time, Dad was teaching us how to sell things and so we started selling models.  Quickly we kicked Mom out because we were going to be such great grand stars in the profitable world of Models.   Yeah, right, 'cause you see we still got all those models.  We still have them like fine old wine.  And yes, they are worth a fortune in  ... what ... shall we say dissipating memories.

We're right across the street from the Fullerton Police Department

232 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, Ca., 92832

Public Hours

Wed-Sat: 12-4

but just so you know

it's always good to call